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Books and Writing - BOOK: n. A collection of sheets of paper, or similar material, blank, written, or printed, bound together; commonly, man

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Books and Writing

Manager: theodora_maffat
BOOK: n. A collection of sheets of paper, or similar material, blank, written, or printed, bound together; commonly, many folded and bound sheets containing continuous printing or writing. n. A composition, written or printed; a treatise. n. A part or subdivision of a treatise or literary work; as, the tenth book of "Paradise Lost." WRITING: n. The act or art of forming letters and characters on paper, wood, stone, or other material, for the purpose of recording the ideas which characters and words express, or of communicating them to others by visible signs. n. Anything written or printed; anything expressed in characters or letters n. Any legal instrument, as a deed, a receipt, a bond, an agreement, or the like. n. Any written composition; a pamphlet; a work; a literary production; a book; as, the writings of Addison. n. An inscription. n. Handwriting; chirography.

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