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The Elementary Teacher's Web Ring - This web ring is for sites that are created by or for teachers of children up to, and including, 8th grade. There are ma

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The Elementary Teacher's Web Ring

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This web ring is for sites that are created by or for teachers of children up to, and including, 8th grade. There are many great site that are a big help for teachers of these children. This includes pre-school, primary, elementary and junior high. This also includes businesses that pretain to furthering teaching.

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Five for Friday! - 04/19/2013

Five for Friday time again!  Link up right here  . It has been a hell of a week.   I have been so caught up in the news in the evenings,  but when I am at school I am completely out of touch with the world outside of our school.   It is a weird feeling sometimes.   My prayers are with all of the people in Boston,  all of the people in West, TX,   all of us.   It is a scary world sometimes.   I find peace in the fact that good far outweighs evil.   Every act of evil brings out the helpers,  the good.   I hope that is always true.  I have very few pictures of this week that I have not already shared.    This is what all of my kids are reading about right now - obsession over Patches has not wained. Our sweet little rodent no longer hides when the kids come up to the cage - he runs up to the side and greets the kids with a, "wheet, wheet" and waits for a carrot or apple slice.   He might be a little spoiled.  I just received word that I received the grant that I wrote for from PetCo.   .  Everyone I know who has ever asked for this grant has received it.   You basically just have to promise not to eat the pet or perform scientific experiments on them.  I will be receiving a coupon for a second cage,  food, supplies,&nbs...

Five for Friday!

Replied - 04/26/2013

I am exhausted... EX-HAUST-ED!   But wanted to do a quick link up with the DoodleBug Girls for Five for Friday! My first thing is not really a picture but I think paints  a serious picture of what we are doing to kids.    Have you read this?????   It is written by a man named Brent Beasley and is amazing!  I don't know him,  but I wish I did.  I think this is a brilliant analogy and would vote for this man for president.  I am now following him on Facebook. Here's a little something I wrote this morning in honor of STAAR testing: The Pigs and the Scale The farmer wants his pigs to be fat. Of course he does. The fatter the better.   He became concerned when he realized that, even though he fed them all the same, some pigs were fatter than others. The problem, he concluded, was that he wasn’t weighing the pigs enough. So he began to weigh the pigs   a few times a year. Still, while some of the pigs were getting plenty fat, many of them were still skinny or, at least, not fat enough.   The farmer decided that the best thing to do to solve the problem would be to weigh them again and again throughout the year. So, the farmer invested a lot of his resources in weighing. He developed new types of scales. He began keeping complicated records of the pigs’ weights. He devised a system where he could compare the weights of the pigs not just individually but between each different pen and also based on what color...

Five for Friday!

Replied - 05/25/2013

I have not blogged for a while.    We have had a case of what I can only assume was the bubonic plague go through our house.  Every one of us has had it now but most of us are finally feeling better.  Thank God!    I have been busy trying to keep up with the laundry and catching up on sleep.  But Five for Friday seems like a great reason to get back to it! I have also been trying to learn to sew.   I might not have mentioned that I didn't know how when I insisted that I get a new sewing machine for Mothers Day.   My sweet husband,  having known me for 21 years and never having seen me sew a stitch,  did question me when I told him what I wanted.  I looked at him incredulously and just re-asked the question,  "do I sew?".   Of course, the answer was no,  but I kept that to myself.    I have not sewn since I was in home ec. in the eighth grade and I was very bad at it then.   In fact,  my very weird  interesting teacher told me that my purple duffle bag looked like,  "a piece of puke".   She was not one to hold back to spare the feelings of her students so much.     But as I do,   I believe that anything on Pinterest is within my reach, so I have been working at it.   A lot.     Here are a few pics of things I have been workin...

Five for Friday!

Replied - 09/20/2013

Linking up with the lovely ladies at Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Friday fun! We did a LOT this week, so much I am having a hard time remembering all of it...but here is some of our randomness! We celebrated freedom week this week in several ways,  but my favorite was acting out the Preamble to the Constitution. I have a tiny class so I divided them into 2 groups of 7 and gave each child or pair of kids a line from the preamble and had them use the internet and the book We the Kids,  to figure out what their line meant.   They worked together to come up with gestures to go along with their phrase and acted it out for the other group!  It honestly was so sweet,  I teared up. We also did a great webquest where the kids found answers to constitution questions using several websites.   The first day I tried using it as it was written,  but my kids had a LOT of trouble trying to type in all those websites.   I found it was easier to give them all the links in Edmodo and have them click on them there.   (I used to disguise my kids pictures,  they don't really dress like this guy -LOL).     We are using the math program Investigations this year for the first time,  so we are learning a lot of fun new math games.   The kids are loving this!  It is taking me a little time to be comfortable with so little direct instruction,  but I am definitely warming up! We a...

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