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All Things Jewish - If you're involved in almost anything Jewish, whether it's spirituality, Chabad, Kabbalah, Chassidus, Mussar, Torah, Tal

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All Things Jewish

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Manager: classicjef
If you're involved in almost anything Jewish, whether it's spirituality, Chabad, Kabbalah, Chassidus, Mussar, Torah, Talmud, Israel, Kiruv (Outreach), counter-missionary work, education, Jewish music, ethics, chatchkes for sale, kosher food, matchmaking, etc., you are welcome to join this All Things Jewish web ring. This is a Torah-based JEWISH page, so your site must be based on something Jewish. This is a predominantly Orthodox-based ring, but Torah-based non-Orthodox sites are invited to join as well. Your site must be Jewish-centered. Those sites with minimal Jewish content, or anything I deem too wacky should look elsewhere. Be advised that this a messianic-free zone, so no evangelizing or missionizing sites will be allowed to join. Sites lacking common sense will not be allowed to join either. All those blessed with intelligence and a desire to connect with one's fellow Jews are welcome. Please read the founder of this web ring's personal story at the link entitled "Shuvah Yisrael - Escape from Counterfeit Judaism".

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   15 minute Daf Yomi Preview Go
15 minute review of the daily daf - page of Talmud. Reading through the whole daf in Aramaic and English with some extra commentary

   13th-century rabbi says universe billions of years old! Preview Go
Long before the Big Bang theory, when Galileo was being forced to recant on pain of death, one rabbi derived from Scripture what scientists now say.
   Jewish Endeavour Preview Go
A blog with a twist to a forum as well and even my website. The place that will inspire you.
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Lady G expounds upon onions, garlic and seemingly unrelated matters, ranging from the TV miniseries Holocaust to a chopped liver recipe.
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Come with us as we relive our 4-week trip through Israel through pictures, scriptures, and narrative text.
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Flash clips on Jewish topics. Site also has a lot of Arab terror clips.
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