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The Storytelling Ring - Welcome to The Storytelling Ring! Sites throughout the WWW featuring Storytelling resources, organizations, events, and

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The Storytelling Ring

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Welcome to The Storytelling Ring! Sites throughout the WWW featuring Storytelling resources, organizations, events, and the tellers themselves. All dedicated, at least in part, to the vocal art of telling stories. Enjoy!


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   Gabriela a Cigana Contadora de Estorias Preview Go
Page of Gabriela, the gypsy Brazilian Storyteller, with stories and the magic of storytelling.
   Sedayne - Stories & Songs for all Seasons Preview Go
Resume of the work of UK (Northumbrian) storyteller & musician Sedayne (aka Sean Breadin) with links, images & mp3s
   Storyvoice webhome of Graham - Teller of Tales Preview Go
Graham - Teller of Tales, fantastical and magical, for ears of any age. Stories, ancient and new, from across the globe for those with ears to hear and hearts to see

   Jennifer White--Celtic Harper & Storyteller Preview Go
Celtic harper and storyteller Jennifer White invites you to enter the world of bard and faerie. She provides a history of traditional harps and harping and a story gallery.
   TeachTale Janice Butt's Web Site Preview Go
Janice's storytelling will take you to places where all creation can learn to live together. Her site will introduce you to her unique performances and classes. You will also be able to contact her and see pictures of her telling stories.
   Gene Gryniewicz, Storyteller Preview Go
Storytelling is a magical experience. One that transforms both teller and audience into something 'other' than what they are. Something ... bigger. Grander. More. Or less. At least, it should. I know that is what I'm reaching for ... .
   Toby Kinsella's Musical Stories Preview Go
Toby Kinsella is a multi-instrumentalist with over 25 years experience as a performer. He plays instruments from around the world, tells stories, sings songs, and delights children with his show Musical Stories. Juggling, puppets, and masks are also used to add visual effects to this very ex
   Lyricalworks: Symbols, Myths, Dreams, and Stories Preview Go
A website designed to teach, entertain, and inspire: learn more about the raw materials of meaning and the toolbox of the Creative Imagination.
   The Mystery Playhouse Preview Go
The Mystery Playhouse presents: Blythe Moor Mansion, The Old Mill House, and the library in the old mansion that holds the secrets to Blythe Moor, along with Ghost Stories and Tall Tales. Come along to Blythe and get caught up in the on going development of Blythe Moor Mansion.
   StoryPower Preview Go
Meg Lippert, storyteller/author of anthologies and picture books of multicultural folk tales including stories from the Dan culture of Liberia with co-author Won-Ldy Paye

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