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All Things Jewish - If you're involved in almost anything Jewish, whether it's spirituality, Chabad, Kabbalah, Chassidus, Mussar, Torah, Tal

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All Things Jewish

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Manager: classicjef
If you're involved in almost anything Jewish, whether it's spirituality, Chabad, Kabbalah, Chassidus, Mussar, Torah, Talmud, Israel, Kiruv (Outreach), counter-missionary work, education, Jewish music, ethics, chatchkes for sale, kosher food, matchmaking, etc., you are welcome to join this All Things Jewish web ring. This is a Torah-based JEWISH page, so your site must be based on something Jewish. This is a predominantly Orthodox-based ring, but Torah-based non-Orthodox sites are invited to join as well. Your site must be Jewish-centered. Those sites with minimal Jewish content, or anything I deem too wacky should look elsewhere. Be advised that this a messianic-free zone, so no evangelizing or missionizing sites will be allowed to join. Sites lacking common sense will not be allowed to join either. All those blessed with intelligence and a desire to connect with one's fellow Jews are welcome. Please read the founder of this web ring's personal story at the link entitled "Shuvah Yisrael - Escape from Counterfeit Judaism".

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New Thought Kabbalah: Spiritual Jewelry
New Thought Kabbalah offers mystical, spiritual, and Kabbalah jewelry and amulets. Rare beautiful pieces that touch your soul, your heart and your eye. Exotic jewelry includes beaded,gold and silver Red String bracelets, tree of life jewelry, Kabbalistic amulets for protection, health and success and other unique items.
genessa -- judaica!
Judaica: essays, articles, stories and poems with Jewish content, and merchandise ranging from menorahs to funny aprons, from hamsas to puzzles, from ties to seder plates.
The International Jewish Cookbook
Postings from The International Jewish Cookbook as first published in 1918. Vintage recipes for traditional soups, salads, meats, etc. as well as rules for koshering.
Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah Commemorative Covers
Custom made commemorative envelopes featuring the celebrant on an authentic Israeli stamp. A unique way to commemorate your family simcha.
Jewish Dating
How to find your soul mate

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All Things Jewish

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