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Online Kennels & Breeders: a ring for breeders and kennels.


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Tanglewood Island Wolfdogs
Breeders of high content wolf dogs. Site also contains information on these beautiful animals as well as links to other sites.
Welcome to Leosodawi Kennels
Australian Breeders of the Rhodesian Ridgeback
Denridge German Shepherds
Very fine German Shepherds, long time breeder. Please feel free to contact me!
Wayann Chihuahuas
AKC Chihuahuas - Pet and Show Quality. A place for people who love Chihuahuas like we do. Wonderful little dogs with lots of love to give. Lots of pictures, Health Information, and Resources. We breed and show AKC registered Chihuahuas, striving for excellance in breed standard, health and temperment. We love our Chihuahuas and they know it.
Australian Show Dog
Homepage of the Australian Show Dog Webring. Breeders and exhibitors of registered purebred dogs of Australia united in a webring.

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