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The best art galleries online. Logo by Charles Moffat.

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The Art of Bennecelli
Featuring the art of Bennecelli. Bennecelli has spent decades exploring the relationships between art, math, science, religion, and philosophy. The result is a series of truly visionary images which deal with such subjects as multiple dimensions, time travel, and hidden secret messages. Bennecelli explains that his paintings are iconic images which act as mechanisms of transport for the imagination to worlds of reality beyond the commonplace and mundane. The lithographs exhibited on my site are offered framed and unframed in a variety of sizes.
Advertising on The Lilith Gallery
Help support the Lilith Gallery and Lilith eZine by advertising or donating to one of the internet's most popular ezines/art galleries.
The Christian Art History Archive
An art history archive of old Christian art and modern Christian art.
The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction
A critical analysis of the digital reproduction of art.
Gallery Samara Art Shop
The information on the Samara (Russia)artists, opportunity of purchase of pictures.

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